Program for the implementation of a

corporate telework model

Managing telework is not easy

We have the methodology and experience to help you manage the change in the way you work in your company.

Many companies are thinking about how to adapt to accommodate the new hybrid or remote work model. It is a cultural transformation that needs strategic sense and method of implementation.

We have the methodology and experience to help you manage the change in the way you work in your company.


The most advanced companies know how to read the  future.

A proactive attitude towards the implementation of a corporate telework model can mean a  competitive advantage in the fight for talent and  competitiveness.

Improves the performance of remote workers.

Achieve greater flexibility in industrial  relations.

Improves worker engagement and  motivation.

Increases team spirit and collaborative work.

Consolidates a new model of remote  leadership.

Increases reputation as an employer brand.


The overall objective of this program is to professionalize the management of corporate telework to gain in efficiency and competitiveness.


What this program consist of

Four modules to build a new value proposition, from a advanced Human Resources Management

Organizational Model

We analyze the strategic fit in the  context of each organization. We  define with the company the governance of the model and the  organizational implications.

Employee experience

We re-write the employee value proposition. We perform a situation diagnosis as well as the on-boarding model in the system-

Goals and Results

We make a diagnosis of the equipment management model. We analyze key objectives and results and build the performance management system.

Change Management

We analyze the features of the current leadership culture. We activate Change Management by consolidating critical competencies with our managerial training program.

on investment

At the end of the program you’ll have tangible results that are going to enrich your employer brand. You’ll see how your teams get to be more efficient, agile and collaborative.

A model of governance and management of telework, with the main elements that make up the new employee proposal.

A structured and agile model of alignment and tracking of objectives and results.

A homogeneous leadership model implemented in all teams of the Organization.

we do it

TeleworkersLAB is a system of implementation of  corporate models of telework or hybrid work that  we apply to those companies that want to generate a  new proposal of employee value.

That is why we follow a methodology based on  three phases:



We hear people’s voices. In this way we know  and understand your expectations, degree of  digitization and corporate culture, in order to  build a unique and differentiated proposal.


Design of the elements

We design with you everything that contributes to generate a telework  ecosystem and to be able to establish  unique processes and rules applicable to all  people in the new model.


Webinars with speaker

of recognized prestige to raise awareness and  instruct the organization and its leaders.  Proper command change management will  allow them to assume higher levels of remote  equipment management.

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