Organizational diagnosis

about the model of work in the company

Check the pulse to your organization

The cultural transformation of any organization begins with the  need to know in depth the starting situation and have the commitment of the workers who make up it.

Our organizational diagnosis of the work model in the company can help you take that first step.

Find answers

We help you clear all your doubts

With the result of the diagnosis, you will be able to lay the foundations on which to build a corporate telework model.

Is my organization prepared to face the challenges of new ways of working?

Do my leaders have the skills to manage hybrid teams?

Does teleworking affect the performance of my teams and people?

Do we have the appropriate technology and devices to telework?

Is the hybrid work model that we have implemented the one that best suits our business?

We help you prepare the change towards a hybrid organization

The x-ray you need before you start

We prepare an anonymous test for the entire staff working in hybrid or remote mode and their managers. We are interested in different aspects that may affect your commitment or business competitiveness:

  • Telework conditions (privacy, connectivity, ergonomics, etc.)
  • Practices regarding data protection and protection against cyber-risks.
  • Degree of digitization of workers and managers.
  • Models of teamwork and management of objectives, key results and tasks.
  • Future expectations in relation to the provision of work and team management.


Organizational diagnosis is a process of assessing the current situation of the conditions in which its professionals telework in the company. Through direct feedback, the degree of adaptation of new technologies and digital processes to the job is analyzed.

Howwe do it

We practice active listening to working people and their leaders. To do this, we prepare a survey and collect and analyze the data to give you an accurate view of the situation of hybrid work in your company.

To achieve this, we follow a methodology based on three phases:



We prepare a custom survey, based on our proven model. However, 60% of the questions will be common to other organizations, so that you can have an effective benchmark.



We take care of the entire data collection and launch process. In this way, your professionals will have the confidence that we preserve the confidentiality of the answers.



At the end of the process you will get an exhaustive analysis of your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as an image compared to other companies.

Project benefits

You have a structured view of the current situation, strengths and areas for improvement of hybrid work in your organization.

You have an expert analysis with an executive summary of recommendations to follow to scale your organization.

You increase the commitment of your staff, by perceiving that their opinion matters when building the new organization.

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