Program for the implementation of a model of

leadership with OKR

Your new productive work model

Manage change with a model of objectives, key results and task alignment.

Numerous studies affirm that new ways of working require a different organizational model to be successful. In this context, maintaining the performance of teams is a constant concern of boards of directors and HR departments.

This is one of the biggest challenges for organizations that need to attract and retain the best talent.

Program’s objective

With this program you will homogenize the way teams establish their objectives, set their key results and iterate tasks in an agile way through continuous collective feedback meetings.

What this program consist of

Six modules with the key elements for the implementation of the OKR methodology, adapting the contents to each organization, depending on its sector, structure, dimensions and complexity.

Module 1

Previous diagnosis

The organizational diagnosis is a process of assessing the current situation to know the operation of the different teams in terms of their communication dynamics and continuous feedback.

It will help us to customize the content of the program and show you a first organizational mirror.

Module 2

Leaders training

A company can only achieve high-performance teams with the involvement of leaders.

This program will help team managers discover the new competencies necessary for success and learn to recognize their strengths and limiting beliefs. Taught by professionals of recognized prestige.

Module 3

The time factor

Worktime management and its priorities is one of the aspects that most directly applies to the degree of maturity of an organization and, of course, to its productivity levels.

In this module we will learn how a leader can sustainably maintain a high percentage of proactive time.

Module 4

From goals to tasks

Many organizations continue anchored in management systems for bureaucratic objectives and without a sufficient level of engagement. Modern companies require agile management systems that drive employee behavior.

We help your organization to take the objectives to the actions of tasks

Module 5

Productivity tools

A good tool allows you to iterate more efficiently and with a better user experience. There are different options on the market that help you achieve your goals depending on your needs.

You will learn to recognize the one that best suits the characteristics of your organization.

Module 6

Employee Handbook

After analyzing the initial situation, training the leaders and iterating in the performance management adapted to the culture of the Company, we wrote the model, together with the HR department, taking into account the organizational implications.

The output of this phase is the employee manual.

If you want to start,

you have to take into account ...

The approximate duration of this program is 10 weeks, adapted according to the complexity and size of the organization.

The diagnosis is made through a survey of the team members on their ways of working, organizing and meeting.

The training module for leaders consists of three sessions (9 teaching hours) and is taught by professionals of the highest level and experience.

The 'objectives to tasks' module consists of a training action (6 hours / 12 student-leaders) and a team coaching process for 6 weeks.

For the success of the project, the highest level of involvement is required from the company's management. A mixed work team will be set up.

Returnof the investment

At the end of the program you will have tangible results that they are going to consolidate these new ways of working as a corporate value. You will see how your teams manage to be more efficient, agile and collaborative.

A homogeneous performance management model across all teams, regardless of where they provide their services.

A homogeneous, structured and agile model for the alignment and monitoring of objectives and results.

A homogeneous leadership model oriented to the constant monitoring of the objectives, key results and tasks of the teams.

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