The importance of technological skills

Technological skills are important for managers in the 21st century for several reasons:

  • The business world is increasingly digitized: Technology is rapidly transforming the way companies operate, so it is essential that managers keep up with the latest tools and technological trends in order to make informed and strategic decisions.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity: They help managers to use technological tools to automate tasks and processes, which improves the efficiency and productivity of the company.
  • Helps better understand customers: With them, managers can better understand customers and their preferences, which allows them to improve customer service and offer better tailored products and services.
  • Helps with decision making: They allow managers to collect, analyze and use data to make informed and strategic decisions.
  • Improve competitiveness: They help companies to stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world, since it allows them to use technological tools to improve their operations and products.


How to improve management skills?

There are several ways in which a manager can improve their technological skills, some of the most effective are:

  1. Online Training: There are many online platforms that offer courses and tutorials to learn about different tools and technologies. These courses are flexible and allow you to learn at your own pace.
  2. Participating in Technology Conferences and Events: Participating in technology conferences and events is a great way to keep up with the latest trends and tools in the world of technology.
  3. Connect with other technology professionals: Connecting with other technology professionals, whether through social media, online discussion groups, or professional associations, is a great way to learn about new technology and get practical advice.
  4. Learning a new tool or technology: Learning to use a new tool or technology is a great way to improve your technology skills as it allows you to understand how the technology works.

What can happen to a manager if he does not develop digital skills?

If a manager does not develop digital skills, they may have difficulties to:

  1. Effectively lead your team in today’s context, in which technology plays an increasingly important role in most industries.
  2. Understand the opportunities and challenges posed by digitization. You may be less able to make informed decisions about how to use technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.
  3. Communicate and collaborate with other leaders and team members who do have digital competencies.
  4. Keep up with changes in your industry and you may be less competitive in the marketplace.

In short, you can end up becoming an analog manager. That is, he is a person who relies on past experiences and intuition to make decisions instead of using data and analysis to guide his actions.

Ricardo Alfaro

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