In this fourth Industrial Revolution, the changes will be exponentially faster. In this context, according to “The Future of Jobs” Report, from World Economic Forum, in many industries and countries, the most in-demand occupations or specialties did not exist 10 or even five years ago. The pace of change is set to accelerate. Now, we are seeing developments in technology (genetics, AI, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, biotechnology, etc.) that just a few years ago seemed impossible.

This new reality will radically affect our professions and if you want to undertake entrepreneurial projects , you should develop an emerging skills set:

  • Active listening: In the age of hyper-communication, it’s essential to remain aware of the messages of the business environment. An excellent entrepreneur is one who understands that listening is more important than speaking.
  • Innovative spirit: Being “the best” is a subjective concept, being “the first” is an objective concept. It’s even more important for companies to act with agility. So, the entrepreneur who is open to innovation will have more opportunities for success.
    Strategic Planning: New technologies and intensive use of social media have affected the planning skills of millennials. However, in the business world, keeping personal spaces for plans enable better skills for improvisation and prevents difficulties in the future.
    Impact and influence: In today’s world, companies, products and services are advertised by pulling at the heartstrings. The entrepreneur who is able to persuade using emotion will have a clear competitive advantage.
  • Networking: The concept of business community is invading management. Individualism is in decline because the ‘Knowledge Age’ requires professionals who can connect, share and work with other professionals. So, sharing knowledge helps to gain experience to grow and develop.
  • Sustainability: This is a key concept as we live in ephemeral age. However, the entrepreneur must have a goal (the project must be durable) and must consider how sustainable the project is.

These tips could help to start or develop an entrepreneurial business and make them a success story.