Towards a digitization of HR

If you are an HR manager, you should know that technology is ready to help you. Not all companies have the resources to purchase expensive ERP. You can start digitizing at no cost. Do you know how? Here are some ways to do a Digital HR

First of all, what advantages can you get from digitizing the HR function?

  1. Say goodbye to tedious stationery! Technology can help automate processes like applicant management, payroll planning, and vacation management. Less time and effort for you!
  2. Get to know your employees better! Data analytics systems can help you collect, analyze, and use information about your workforce to make informed decisions.
  3. Communicate with ease! Digital tools, such as email and internal social media, can improve communication with staff and increase collaboration and productivity.
  4. Attract the best talent! Digital tools, such as social media and job search platforms, allow you to reach a wider audience and attract the best candidates.
  5. Stay fit with technology! E-learning platforms and educational videos can help you provide continuous training and development to employees, which will improve their competence and performance.

Technology can be a great ally for a Human Resources department. Make the most of its potential!

What steps should you take to digitize HR?

If you are responsible for an HR department and you need to speed up its digitization process, there are a series of steps that you cannot skip:

  1. Make a plan! Identify what you want to improve and how you want to do it.
  2. Choose the right tools! There are many options, but choose the ones that best suit your goals.
  3. Get it going! Deploy the tools and technologies you’ve selected.
  4. Train your team! Make sure everyone knows how to use the new tools and technologies.
  5. Evaluate and improve! Constantly review how digitization is working and make adjustments if necessary.

Digitizing an HR department is an exciting journey, but it’s important that everyone works together to achieve lasting success.

What free software can you use to digitize the HR department?

Here are 8 free software that you can use to digitize the Human Resources department:

  1. Google Workspace: Offers free email, calendar, document, and cloud storage tools.
  2. Asana:  A project and task management platform that enables HR departments to collaborate and organize their projects.
  3. Canva:  A graphic design tool that can be used to create presentations and brochures for the HR department.
  4. Toggl: A time tracking tool that allows HR departments to measure the time spent on each task and project.
  5. Hootsuite: A social media management tool that allows HR departments to schedule and monitor their social media activities.
  6. Zoom: A video conferencing platform that allows HR departments to hold meetings in the cloud.
  7. Slack: A messaging and collaboration tool that allows HR departments to communicate and share information with staff.
  8. Typeform: An online forms tool that enables HR departments to easily and efficiently collect staff information and evaluations.

Obviously, the owners of these types of companies are not sisters of charity, they will try to get you to buy their premium licenses. Do not rule it out, but before paying, try the free versions. Only if they convince you and meet your needs can they hire the paid version.

In short, technology can help an HR department automate processes, collect and analyze data, improve communication, attract talent, and provide continuous training and development.

Ricardo Alfaro